Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jigsaw pieces.

I look terrible in that picture. And it's not just the fringe. Mel's fault for being away while I needed a haircut. I knew it was gonna turn out looking like this: like I have a cauliflower (is that how you spell it?) jutting out from my forehead.
Yes, when I wear any sort of hat I'd look like some sort of.. pastry. And when I get my haircut I'm a duplicate of some vegetable or another.
Oh oops, sorry about the detour. Kim is back!!! When we met we banged into each other in this kung-fu hug and she hurt her shoulder a little. *heh, I can be rough sometimes.
Mel is home too! She actually called me on Monday night and I answered the phone going "You're back!! You're back!!" and she said "Wah your reaction mahai I read your blog."
Sigh, a libel suit against me. Correction: Mel is NOT good at telling me what to do, but she does it anyway.
HAHAHA. Okay. I'm bored therefore I'm nuts. The committee had our meeting just now at Charms, The Curve. *ahem. It's mapped out.

The Zoukout/Road Trip to JB Committee:
Hotel Rooms: Rachel and Jamie.
Finances: Mel. (Habis-la, we're talking about a Tai-tai in making here)
Communication (walkie talkies, handphones etc): Kim and Suet Yeng:P
Entertainment: The Men. They are both born that way.

You know what I got stuck with? As usual for EVERY trip?
The music[The official "CD burner"] and.. FOOD. Thanks about an ego-boost.
The shit part is, whatever music I bring along, everyone is going to hate it, except for Rachel but because she's the unofficial chairwoman she gets to tell me to do it, and I get to bask in the death glares and groaning from everyone else. The Spill Canvas and Eisley here I come. I'm tempted to bring my Nirvana boxed set along for the ride but I don't want it ruined and no one else would appreciate it anyway, not even Rachel :( I'm bringing The Strokes though, even if we don't listen to it, knowing that the cds are around is comfort enough, just in case I have a panic attack or something.
Though I was told, some trance for Arthur please. So I came online and downloaded everything from Warp Brothers and ATB. Uh..the only 2 err.. groups? bands? anyway, which I was exposed to when living with Nerd. Fingers crossed its the right type of trance, goodness it sounds quite.. intimidating.

So, 6 of us girls and 2 of them boys.

I'm gonna miss Kong and Heng :(
And I was gonna say that I would miss Max too but he's currently flooding our MSN chat window with BAPE merchandise. Man he's a shopaholic. So much so I feel quite the "manly" compred to him o_O


laineylashes said...

atb is 'lala' o.O

oh mei..
armin van buuren is trance.
above & beyond is trance.
paul van dyk is trance.
tiesto is trance.

*slaps forehead*

Stella said...

they all sound pretty much the same :D

Anonymous said...

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