Sunday, December 04, 2005

Playing Favourites.

Rachel[Hobbes] is back. While she was away she would say,
"Hell isn't the same without you."
And I, "When you're back it'd be Christmas-time in Hell again!"
But now that geography isn't a setback anymore, I feel that neither of us were correct. Instead it feels like Hannukah, it's a celebration of some sort only we're not involved.
Anyway, her presence brings tinsel and toilet paper.

Mel is in Bangkok. She left on Thursday and will be back on Tuesday. I didn't expect to, but I miss her more than I imagined I would..already! Like today I wanted to get my hair cut, but then I felt as if I really needed her opinion. She's good at telling me what to do! Also because Rachel's ideas for haircuts has been a little too wild for me lately *nyeh. It's true ray.

Ah Heng on the left and Ah Kong on the right. I love them to bits. I have never felt more pampered or safe ever. It's like being handed a lollipop every hour on the hour. They tolerate me. I got them drunk by winning at "chor tai ti" every round, they had to finish a whole bottle in an hour. They come with me to Ghetto Heaven and even though they can't "layan" they sway around with me anyway. And ooh, best part yet, they feed me!

Max isn't just the quietest member of KOF haha, he's my male GH partner. When I get tired and sweaty from dancing, Max is right by my side people-watching and head-bobbing. When I get elbowed in the gut or is getting smothered in the crowd, its Max to the rescue! He has this radar where he reaches in and yanks me to his side. His phone calls always comes at the right time and it never fails to make me feel like having some cotton candy, I don't know why o_O

I haven't seen Alex in a month. So tonight we went for ice-cream. He came in to say hello to my parents, to their delight. And when I got into his car, I felt..choked up somehow. For a split second, I felt like crying. He has this effect on me. The one person who always has my best interests at heart, even if it meant my wrath he'd say whatever it is to hinder me from dreading another tomorrow.

There are so many more. You guys know who you are. *xoxo*


Anonymous said...

aww.... heheeh... didn't noe my presence mean dat much to u... haha.. =P

but hell yeah, i missed u guys too while i was in bangkok...

Stella said...

no one else missed you la. just me. haha OOPS. DIE.