Friday, January 19, 2007

Today today

This morning I got up extra early because we were to paint Ham's new house in Tanming Jaya. Rachel was really excited about it and even stayed home the night before so she could harvest energy for our project. Painting in whatever form, is always a treat.

She picks me up and we went for lunch. Then we chose paint together with Ham, Heng and Victor. Then we brought everything to the house and it started pouring. We ran like monkeys into the house and began vacuuming and cleaning the master bedroom.

See this house has been empty for a decade. No one has lived in this house for 10 years. We checked the furniture and chucked out whatever was unncessary. While cleaning Ray screamed. I thought, probably a cockroach. Then she screamed again, "Rats!" Half in disbelief (because she said rats, shit, plural, shit more than one) I walked over to where she was to see if there really were rats.

There were. Small ones. 2 maybe 3 inches long. I flinched and as i was about to yank her out of the room Heng came running in with a plastic broom going "Where?! WHERE?!"
Ray and i grabbed our bags and ran for it. In a couple of minutes she decided that she cannot stay. In that couple of minutes I nagged Ham about getting an exterminator AND calling them pest control people... YOU KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING I was crouching over rat dropping while lining the newspapers. Thinking they were i dont know something else we vacuumed it up. UGH.

Altogether there were 5 rats. Small ones. Imagine where the parents are. If there were 5 on the bed, this house is a freaking rat shack!
So we left, running in the rain with t-shirts over our head.

We drove back to Rachel's house; showered, ate and watched The Island. I was just about to take a nap because the night before I stupidly went to Mambo knowing I had a full tiring day the next day. Although we didn't do much I was damn tired. But Fye and Rachel had a Driving Range date and guess who got to be Little Miss Chirpy cheering them on. "Wow! Damn kau lousy that shot. Still wanna play ah?! Just give up now la"

After that we went to Pizza Uno, the only pizzas I eat in Malaysia, or in the world maybe. The only pizza i eat here is the one we make ourselves. Always: salami, pepperoni, anchovies and extra enchovies. ITS THE BOMB! I LOVE IT!

On the way home I felt really carsick and it was quite a long ride too so now that i'm home i'm actually very "vomittish" (as my dear sister Joyce would say) and its not a good feeling. I don't like to go to bed feeling vomittish. I'd rather sleep feelnig unvomittish. So i'm sitting here unsuccessfully recounting my day. Sorry if i sound choppy but i can barely string two thoughts together.

I'm just yakking yakking and yay, two fatties are online. Bye.

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