Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The last post had "bugs". Am i right Ty? IT jargon or something, "bugs".

So anyway since I managed to get more pictures off Mel's multiply.

This is Mel's family. Her hubby is the charming one holding the ciggarette while the drunk one is his twin sister. I happened to be haha the evil spawn of man with the ciggarette while the guy in the middle is my half-brother from a different mother. The fella with the erm hat is Mel's brother while Chuan in grey stripes is her distant cousin. Together we are one sick group. But wait, I haven't told the Wizard of Oz story.

Oh and if you were a friend of mine I trust you would have met the enchanting Tyler Ng. Resident Setan slash the best friend anyone could wish for. See that face? He actually does it quite often, without realizing it.

Aran, the coolest dude. Really i mean, do you know any other guys who can pull off Dorothy?

I literally cannot live without them two. Without either I would have never lived to see today. You've saved my life and Mel has turned me into a Drama Queen.

Sometimes I just want to give Fye a hug and a medal.

Sometimes I want to kill her, most times I would kill for her. Sometimes he wants to kill me, other times he just lets me live.

The three legs of the tripod. When one falls, the others hover.

The halo and the horns. Love you both!

If I don't see them+AwesomeTwosome+Usualsuspects for a fortnight, I feel as if somethign is terrbly missing from my life.

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