Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lychee Talk.

Mambo was fun-ish. Though most of the fun was in Terrace Bar. Remember i said i don't want tp drink anymore alcohol cause it doesn't taste good? Nemind la drink only la nothing better to do.

We are going to Maison tomorrow. Ray doesn't want to go because, and this is according to her that there are too many kids there. Kids she says. Anyhoo I haven't danced in a while and i want to.

I love my friends, those who were there and those who weren't. You fat and colorful people know who i'm talking about teeheehee.
Sounds so cheesy but if you met my gorgeous kind loving and giving friends you'll know whati'm talking about.

Look through me and see that my psyche is wedged in between theory and practice. I never quite lived up to everything I believe in. But I seem to understand that time has passed, that I am someone else now. Someone who is very much like what I was except.. back then i was strange. Now everything that made me strange has given me a family. They say blood is thicker than water. I say thats bullshit. Family is who you choose. My friends fills this cavity of who i am and who i want to be. I have done nothing to merit this love.. and this is what i believe is salvation.

Okeyyy I'm rambling and i think i might need to throw up. Bai!

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