Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Technicolors at the fount-tannn

A bunch of the Technicolors were at Seb Fountain last Friday, hehe can't help it. Got stuck with me since a year plus ago when Terence kept repeating Seb Fountain Seb Fountain. Terence who by the way spun a really good warm up set for Mr. Fountain. I don't know nuts about dance music but it definitely sounded good to my ears.
Tyler uploaded the pics on his multiply and I being a multiply photos leech of course nicked them and is postnig them here :D
Anyway my favourite picture of the night.
Hehe I think I give her that expression quitee often.

Mel and I with Andre! I swore his shirt was blue inside Zouk.

The ELs are back in action! Stel, Elle, Mel.

THe hell is wrong with my face?!

Happy! happy! happy?Eh I really didn't know lor. Otherwise I would have "pan" cute also hehe.

I MUST keep this picture forever. Bunny ears from Elle while my twin and i are being our usual selves.

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