Thursday, September 28, 2006

Macho macho me.

I met with Li Shan today who was my classmate back in A-levels. She told me about this one incident I had with poo. I laughed like a mad woman. The story's not pretty.

*knock knock*
Boo: Good Morning Miss, may I speak with Bliss? Just for a while. (in a pleasant tone)
Li Shan comes out of class.

Li Shan: What?? What happened??
Boo: Look at my shoe!!! I stepped on shit!!
Li Shan: So? -_-
Boo: It's human shit!!!
Li Shan: What! Okay calm down let me se- EEYERRRR you stepped on shit!! Human shit!! YUCKKKKK!!
Boo: Help meeee help meee.

We got 2 packets of tissues and because I was wearing sneakers I had to fold it till it had a sharp edge and scrape it off the ridges under my cons.
Then I thrusted it into her face. LOOOKKK!!!

I wasw henceforth known as the girl who stepped on human shit.
If I knew who the stupid bitch was who could shit on the floor outside of the cubicle, I'd slap her senseless I'm so serious. What kind of sick stunt were you trying to pull? Trying to duckie walk to the sink to wash your ass off is it. WHAT THE FUCK WEY.
I would have tossed the pair of shoes if it was any other pair but this one was too precious. My first pair of plain black cons. They were at least 4 years old. If I was wearing my second pair I would have dumped it and walked around barefoot.

But I think I handled the situation well. Any other girl would have cried and gone home. I'm macho like that.

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