Saturday, September 16, 2006

How did he know..

After the "Freedom Party" last night where I was Queen and my loyal subjects were Tyler, Aran, Mervyn, Joachim and Enzo. Actually subjects wouldnt be a very good word since Aran wasn't being cooperative at first. But remember folks, Round 2 = The Rematch (Fight the ___!) of the Freedom Party will be held at the end of November. If some people *ahem are still "free" at the time.

So I came home and rang the doorbell and instead of the usual bubbly and gurgly Yang running and yelping "Da Jie! Da Jie!", I was greeted by a grumpy boy who was rubbing his eyes and saying "Da Jie..I'm sick la.."

I picked him up, swung him to me and we spent the next four hours together, coloring, cracking jokes and cuddling. One of the hours were spent in front of the computer and Yang cilmbed onto the sofa next to me. Usually he would listen to whatever I'm listening and bob his head to the beat OR when the Ramones come on he would headbang and shriek in excitement while trying to climb up onto my lap. Today he had a song request "Da Jie, Chicken Little song!!" So I played One little slip by the Barenaked Ladies for him. He knew all the words, I didn't know any.

Later we sat in silence.

He scooched over to me, put his arms around my neck and asked "Da Jie, are you sad?"

"No, I'm just unhappy."

He looked at me for what I felt was a long time. I saw tears in his huge eyes threatening to overflow and as I move to speak, he wails. And he wails. And he cries. And he sobs. And he heaves. He lies face flat on the floor and wails this bloodcurdling song. And he screams. Kicks. "Da Jie NO SAD!" He was bawling. And choking on his tears. When he was done, he crept over to his blankie and went to sleep, tears in his eyes.

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