Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good kinda hectic.

Lunch with the technicolor was to be at 1.30pm.
Joey got here at 2 and we got to Little Sai Gon at 2.45. *sheepish* Jam mar.
I had the Prawn Toast which was fricking awesome.
Everyone got their Awesome Twosome wedding invitations.
I wish I had a picture of it. And more time with them.
After lunch we left to Coffee Bean Mont Kiara.

Where Khai Lee picked me up at 3.45pm to meet Rachel and Jon at The Curve to watch S'kali but it wasn't showing.
So we went to Tribeca to yak about random everythings.
That's when I found out I was affiliated to the Rhino.

At 7 Rachel and I left to pick her mom up from Tropicana.
Rachel's mom revealed her delight in Ice Age 2, especially the part about how pissed the squirrel was when Sid woke him up just as he was getting to the Giant Acorn.
And then we both found out we loveee Boston Legal (Denny Crane..) and she told me the history of how it spun from The Practice to Boston, to Boston Legal.
We drove half an hour to Bukit something Rahman where her brother Russell had tuition.
We got to 1utama at 8pm.

Scott joined us at 8.15 at Chillis.
I dare say everyone overate.
Walking with our tummies sucked in, Scott, Rachel and I went to the car and picked Peish up and headed back to the Curve to meet Jon and Pek San to support Khai Lee's erm Laundry Hiphop thing.

What support. We found out that we had to pay RM25 as cover and immediately told Khai Lee we were gonna spend that money on drinks instead. He joined us half an hour later.
I've not been to Laundry so far because well in one of my earlier posts, I was extremely annoyed with the manager there who was extremely extremely rude to my sister's friends who were there.
Not being any moral values is fucked up enough. But asking a bunch of kids to "fuck off because i don't need your ice lemon tea and coke business", I would have slapped the fucker. Not because he was insulting them, but also because he was insulting himself. How stupid can one grown man be I really don't understand.
I told Khai Lee I'm sorry but I will not step foot into Laundry because of this. I'm a pain like that.
He said he spoke to the owner and she said she would compensate them.
I thought that was really sweet (and ethical, unlike her manager).
But no, we didn't end up there either.
We went to Fridays (hehehehehehehehehehehe)
I so cannot drink. I was red and drunk from one Electric Lemonade and 4 gulps of Long Island tea.

I had good company all day. I came home feeling really happy. And now..I'm going to sleep happy.

This writing style is so unlike me. Probably cause I have a headacahe from all that alcohol and my bed is calling me all sorts of sweet pet names.

My oldest buddy, Jonnums. We were reliving Standard 3, where he tried to slash me with a blade.

My brother Pek San. He has saved my life countless times and therefore, I can't imagine life without him.

Scotty and Hobbes. I love them both to death.

Rachel, Calvin & Peish. They were missing Krystina. If you're reading this Krys, you should have been here =)


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