Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fragments Part I.

How did Boys II Men's End of the Road infiltrate my playlist??

I miss listening to my dad sing along softly to Tears in Heaven.

I want my books back. I need my books back.

My dad finished The Da Vinci Code and passed it to me. Traitor. Frankly, I am mildly suprised that I can't get past 30 pages. After months and months of refusing to read the book and declining the movie (waiting for the right time to read/watch it), it really isn't as provoking as I expected it to be. I wasn't glued to it like I thought I would be. Like Aran, except he expected it, it was boring. Maybe that's why we both can't see what others can in those erm colorful blurry pictures you're supposed to stare at and relax the eyes to see what pops out. Nothing ever pops out for us.

How many fingers do I really have.

My Dude Ranch CD case is broken, when I saw it I felt strangely better than I was before.

When I watched Batman & Robin again this year, I thought it was really funny how I thought it was really cool the first time I saw it almost a decade ago. I watched the whole thing thinking "How did I fall for this crap?!" laughing by myself. And then I felt kinda sad, I wish I could still fall for crap.

Do I fall for crap?

If I hear another metaphor, I'll kill the messenger.

When was the last time I slept?

Please never worked when I was a child begging for another hour with my book at bedtime. Why should my relentless pleading work now? What am I really begging for? A beggar almost only gets scraps, because he doesnt have the luxury of choice. But I know I do. I know the choice is mine, hell life has been all about choices, paths and decision-making. So, again, what am I really begging for? When all my pleading falls on similarly broken heart.

If no one's gonna sing it to me, I'll sing it to myself.
"Don't you cryyyYYYYyyy tonight, there's a heaven above you baybehhhhHHHHHH.."

Don't give me anything breakable, cause I'll do to it what its intended for.

The last time I cried must be a week or so ago, and everytime the sky changes a shade, I wonder if that was the last time I would feel tears go down my cheeks, betraying all fronts of bravery and strength.

So now I heave and the anticipated flood doesn't come as I exhale, am I now brave and strong?

Have you ever seen a toddler so cute you feel like biting him/her? Ever felt that the thought is a little wrong? That's how I feel. A little wrong.

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