Thursday, September 28, 2006

Drunk but white o.O

Pek San came back from San Francisco and Sukah, Jonie and Cindy from Melbourne. These people are damn smart. I really don't know how you score straight As for SPM/O levels AND A-levels AND be studying medicine and yet, drink as much as you do.

These pictures was taken at the beginning of this year but I only just got them off Pek San's laptop last night. Wah I damn the drunk. Didn't even remember feeling drunk so must really be drunk. Stupid alcohol. Alcohol sucks. Unless its whiskey. And why why why my make up so the white one?? Beginner at the time, dunno how to use. Clever go use other people's foundation cause I didn't have my own yet. OMG sounding so bimbo. Becoming like Mel.

Pek San, Stel, Su Kah.
Jonie, Cindy and me.
Quite nice lor my tatt :D

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