Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have been cooking for some time now and especially in the last three months where I've been cooking daily. On the weekdays anyway. I go to the SS2 market every other Sunday and the people there are starting to recognize my face and give me discounts! *joy*

But like Ellie said, one day if they start going "Ah Auntie! What do you need today?!" I might just faint. I like "Xiao Jie" very much, thank you.

My kakak helps me cut up the meat, clean the seafood and divide the them into little plastic bags before I take it home so its easier to thaw when I need them in sections. I don't do all the work *sheepish* I re-use the plastic bags.

Anyway, I was feeling a little tired this evening and so decided to cook up something simple. So its back to the basics! Two dishes, Fried Curry Chicken and Potatoes with Minced Pork. Erm yea I named them myself :D

(Yikes I forgot a picture of the chicken marinated with curry powder after the juice part)

I was asking Ham, "Does Onion have an S? If its chopped up there should be an S at the end right? Though I only used less than half an onion" (I'm a terrible English tutor, but my art classes can be pretty cool. nyeh.) and he answered, "An S? Sure, need to shit what." -_-"


Yummy yummy king! :P

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