Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blue + Yellow = Green

Ma, Pa and I watched Daisy together just now. It's a Korean movie, where the girl is unusually sweet and pleasant wheareas both men who were in love with her were good with guns.

As usual, my dad and I sat in the living room with a book each in our hands. My mom with her lotion. I was immersed in my book at first but slowly I noticed a pattern so I covertly watched them. During the sceness with thick classical music and choked voices in the background, my mom would be staring intently at the screen, her lotion forgotten while dad would keep his eyes focused on the pages of his dog-eared book. But then when there was gunfire and screaming my dad would tear away from Issac Isomov and watch the hubbub while ma would go back to rubbing lotion into her arms and sms-ing on her handphone. This pattern goes on for the next half an hour before I went back to my book.

When the credits was rolling I looked up and they were both sleeping on the couch. I woke them up and joked with them about how only a combination of the two of them would be able to watch this movie since they were both such strong opposites. And that's where I came in! :D :D

It was an okay movie. Very Korean, they definitely get points for the little details which to me, makes all the difference. Reminded me so much of A moment to remember and Innocent Steps.

So I told them the ending. Ma said "Aiyo so sad ah!" and Pa just snorted.

I left out the part where there was a crying man. He HATES it when men cries; especially on tv. He would go "shameful" and switch the channel.

Macho, macho, dad!

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