Thursday, June 08, 2006

In the name of art.

Since there's a new banner, here's an old piece of art. I haven't gotten it touched up. I'm about two years late, four years for the first one on my lower back. My tattoos has been on my body so long sometimes I forget that I have any. So it's nice to see pictures of it sometimes and kinda gush at it since nothing else of my body is worthy of gushing harhar.

Once in a while I like to post pictures with bloopers, usually found in candid shots cause I find it has so much character. Like a someone's face in a guern heh, or some other weird ass expression.

Like this one. I can't think of any appropriate situation in a club where that mouth gesture would be necessary.

Do you see it? My darling in the red shirt :P

My face in the far right. Why oh why was I wearing that expression?! So siao lang.

See the "peace sign" started out well, in good faith. Of course, Mr Tyler is the trendsetter.

But then it got a little out of hand. Hand, haha get it, get it? *snort*

That wasn't so bad since its all fun and games but this one is such a waste because if it wasn't for that busybody rude hand gesture there, it would have been a really cool picture.

Hehe I'm being so petty but this one really annoyed me. In almost 10 pictures there were stupid hand gestures, spoiling otherwise decent pictures.

Bla bla bla. Gah. I think Augusten Burroughs should really write another book. I've read all of his at least five times each and I am in need of another one. Now his books are those which you would ration your reading; each scenario has so much symbolism you want to soak it all in. Though.. symbolicalness would not be a good thing if in excess. If everything was symbolic the world would be in disarray. It's funny how symbolism is probably detected when one thing suggests a few other things which insinuates that its an action involving the harmony of ideas and interpretations. But yet if everything was symbolic there would be a disharmony of everything. It would be mayhem, who would know what is what and who is when and how is where? Sheesh, another paradox, if you could see the symbolism in that.

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