Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jimmy rocks!

I'm gonna buy The Sims 2, who wants to start a family with me?

Okay. That was all in the name of family. Namely, Father's Day. My dad is hilarious! *does the technicolor tabik!*
After all these years I'd say he's the perfect dad!

I read Pre-Law in Cambridge A Levels and was the president of the Student Council in Taylors College. I am definitely understating this as I say I was not a good role model as I was told to be. Presidents before me graduate from Taylors to go on to top notch institutions such as University of Warwick, London School of Economics and of course, the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge to name a few. I was lucky not to be barred from sitting for my exams due to poor attendance. Nevertheless, my law lecturer Miss Sujata doted on me and often passes me brochures on scholarships to art schools she would come across. Miss Sujata along with both my Literature in English lecturers Miss Michelle and Miss Anne would encourage me to pursue my aspirations even if it wasn’t within their expertise.

Oh but Mrs Ho, the Vice-Principal, couldn’t stand me. If I was in the office to help with the paperwork she would have snide comments like:

“Oh Stella, there you go again baring your shoulders. Are you here to be serious or to put your arms on display?”

“For the life of me I cannot understand why the student population voted for you, if I had the power I would dismiss you from your title immediately. You tarnish the reputation of our program.”

“You know you are not supposed to show any skin above the jeans and below the t-shirt, I would send you home to change if there wasn’t a faculty meeting you have to attend today.”

“Look at you. You obviously slept in those clothes. I honestly don’t see you going far. What a shame. How would your parents feel.”

She says that all with an evil smile in a bitchy voice. Stupid woman needs a good screw.
Besides that, she had empty threats of barring me from my exams. I am not stupid, you may be able to bar me from attending my classes but you cannot bar me from an external exam, especially when I’m not failing. She threatened and she criticized.. and one day, she made one move that she thought was smart of her.

She called my father and demanded that he came to the school to see her and the Principal regarding my absenteeism.

I walked into the Mr.Thou’s office to find that Mrs Ho as well as the discipline master Mr Ananda was already comfortably settled in. She smirked at me as I sat down. It begun, she started to complain about this and that and gradually she began to raise her voice.

I can’t remember exactly what my father said, but it was along the lines of:
“Are you done Mrs Ho? Before this meeting I had met with Stella’s lecturers, and none of them seem to have a problem or a doubt that Stella belongs where she is…threats are not to be taken lightly so listen carefully, if you so much as speak in a condescending tone to my daughter again, I would make a few phone calls that would be extremely unpleasant for you.”

I had the last laugh with my dad in the car on the way home.

“Did you see her face when you said phone calls?! Hahahahahhahaa”

“It’s my shirt and tie. I chose the fierce look today. And my shoes! The noisy ones. Heheheheh”

“I can’t believe she told you that I smoke outside school. What is she, 14? Hahhahahahahahaha.”

“I wouldn’t be laughing so much if I were you, I still haven’t punished you for skipping classes and for smelling like a disco.”


But naturally, he forgot about it. In sociological requisites my dad goes for the Reward system rather than the Punishment. If I brought home straight As and asked “Can I have anything I want?” he would say “Yeah anything but another book on Military Warfare or anything above ten ringgit.”

I LOVE HIM. (Only he still calls it a disco -_-)

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