Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fruitful lesson.

My dad loves his garden, everyone who has ever been to my house knows. Because our garden looks great *ahem and also because I would go "Make sure to tell my dad you like his garden, guarantee he'll like you!" to anyone who was coming over for the first time :D

Apart from weird palm trees and bonsais, he plants fruit trees in our garden too. His grapes turned out suprisingly edible the last time and his latest project involves longans! Yum!

So the other day he asked Joyce, "Want some longan?"


Di turns and called out to the kitchen to my kakak and says "Kris! Angkat cangkul kasi budak ini!"


"What. Plant yourself la. Think easy is it. The idea of having longans seems like a simple luxury to you. We all need to learn some humility from time to time."