Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mr Burroughs.

Whenever I walk into MPH, Borders or even Popular Ikano I see a great deal of money to be spent. Once or twice the thought of stuffing a book under my pits and walking out with it has crossed my mind.

It's been months and I still haven't gotten Augusten Burroughs' Sellevision and Possible Side Effects. I have the rest of his books which I've read at least six times a piece and I feel slightly misplaced not having read the two. It's funny how in order of publication Sellevison and Possible Side Effects are the first and last books of the Burroughs collection. I need, I want!

I bought Running for Scissors twice. The first copy I would like to think, was stolen from right under my nose while I was peeing. The second copy I'd loaned it to my Psychology lecturer in ICM and one day she happily got married and I never saw her or the book ever again. I'd have to buy another copy. This is starting to sound like my black converse shoes story. Except the shoes I wear them out, somehow.

The movie for Running with Scissors came out this year and I'm dying to watch it. Miss Paltrow playing Hope and Rachel evan Wood playing Natalie too, *hm. The trailer didn't really give off that dark sentiment as the book did but it'd still be great to see the book attempt to come to life.

When I first read Running with Scissors three years ago, it was one of those books I couldn't read while eating or snacking. And I always snack and read. Life is complete when I snack and read. The ideal snack of choice would be none other than Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar. Ooh better yet accompanied by Frito-Lay's spicy cheese in a can. I forgot what its called but have that with Ruffles and its perfection! Okay I'm drooling over the keyboard.

Anyway when I was on the second chapter, I put down my bag of chips and swallowed what was in my mouth fighting the urge to spit it back into the bag.

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