Saturday, October 07, 2006

Best read if Hokkien.

Haha found another funny post, this time to do with my dad on Joyce's blog.

Daddy got the hang of smsing earlier this year.

It's a damn chun option because when he first started, he replies everything with "ok".

"Daddy can I buy this thing I really need? Later you pay me back okay?"

"Daddy I'm so so so sorry I'm going to be late love you I'll be home before 12 okay?"

"Daddy I got a bit of headache I'm going to skip class and rest for a while later I come home you write letter for me, okay?"

Eh. I damn like la.
Except now he types longer messages.
Today he messaged me.
"Are you having dinner on your own?"
"Ya." because like, it's short and sweet ma right.

"Ya is coconut in hokkien and it is 2.00 dollars each. See I learnt something from your mother."

My father, my father.

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