Thursday, October 12, 2006

Freezin in VU

Contrary to what the night is called, Burnin', it was freezing in Velvet last Friday! So most of the time I squeezed behind Cameron, Aran and Elle. Leonard played Sexy Back! I like la :D

Technicolor Beauty and Technicolor..erm Baby? Uhm..heheh. Well they do baby me most times.

Technicolor Bulat and Technicolor!

Technicolor Berry hehehe and Technicolor Benchmark.

Cameron, Aran, Ellie and I :D

Andrea, Bombshell, Balloon and Andre. (Eh so ngam!)

Ivan Princess Zouk!

Now all men should be like these men. Then all the women in the world would be happy happy women! Don't be deceived by that scared look on my face.

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