Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I finished The Triangle. A Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin 6 part sci-fi miniseries. I was hoping it'd be more like Lost, like why these alternate realities and not just whats causing it. I like distinct stories about each separate individual. But still, pretty cool to watch. I'm still on the lookout for The Motorcycle Diaries and Maria Full of Grace, if anyone has the DVD would you be so kind to give it to me? Yeah I've a feeling I'd want to keep them for future references.

I finished Sellevision. Entertaining book, but of course its Augusten Burroughs. Although his non-fiction stuff I feel is more..him. One would think that when writing fiction he would have more creative freedom and therefore more inspired narratives. But his non-fiction books is definitely more provoking than this novel.

I have been trying for the past two weeks to stop the ice-cream man. He somehow just can't hear my pleading almost desperate screams from the upstairs window. Today however, he finally heard me and I ran out the gate and bought five not two because this is not a just in case scenario, I have suffered enough to make sure there is no space left for "just in 'case(s)'". I'm on to my third bar of delicious creamy generic chocolate ice-cream.

I have been waiting patiently for Boston Legal Season 2 to finish downloading. I've watched Season 1 three times over! I want to scream and kick Fye everytime he gloats about the 3RD season. I want to watch the L word's Season 4 too. Season 1 was quite bland and boring but Season 2 was getting better and better and by Season 3 I'm glued to the laptop watching episode after episode and almost, just almost! forgetting to eat. I have Aran's Queer as Folk Season 1 and 2 but I can't even get past episode 2. Many tells me Queer as Folk is much better than the L word and from their explanations I can sort of understand why but for me, the L word (not including Season 1) is the bomb!

I feel slightly deprived because I haven't had Skype since last Friday. Skype is where I chat, daily, to Mel, Rachel and occasionally Fye and it keeps me entertained because I don't have MSN on my laptop. Arthur had borrowed my laptop and when he returned it he was wearing a grusome pink and white striped shirt that I could not help but ostrsacize. I keep forgetting to watch him on Cornetto Love. The only clip I've seen from his show is not even one is will be on air. It's this super funny clip of "The Malaysian Steve Irwin" on YouTube where the boys from the show were horsing around in briefs.

And obviously, I am really bored. Another ice-cream bar please, I plan on eating myself into oblivion. Ooh Mars ice-cream.

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