Thursday, July 20, 2006

500 miles.

The local radio stations are bearers of bad news. Mtv too.

Joyce and I were in the car and Ma had jst removed all my cds from the cd changer and replaced them with her meditation music with hummingbirds chirping by the waterfall. We had no choice (though actually, silence would have worked out much better) but to listen to the radio. I'm not sure which station it was, one of the itz bitz ones. A familiar song came on and it felt a little strange.

"Joyce, this song sounds familiar. What song is it?"
"Oh oh! We know this song. It''s..Dishwalla!"
"Oh yeah! *pause* What's it doing on the radio?!?! It's at least a year old!"
"Oh my god ya!!"
"Another one bites the dust. Their next album is gonna suck."

It's just one of those things which always is. 99% of bands/artists who came out good and end up on the local stations goes to shit. So during these rare times where old songs come out as new hits on the radio, I sigh sadly.

All good bands should do a NOFX and say NO to Mtv. In the early days they did anyways. For almost 2 decades I think?

Speaking of good bands, I'm happily listening to Pennywise's I would walk 500 miles. While listening I thought this is a good song for the Awesome Twosome.

Perry can lay claim on the Less Than Jake version.
Elle would suit the 80s Proclaimers version.
A him to her song for them thought of by me :D

Oh yeah, in addition to his sunglasses-attached-to-visor-cap and his cap-with-a-fan-under-the-hood, my dad also has the one which holds a water bottle on each side of the head.

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