Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mark Twain.

The holidays have been good to me. I’ve had time to read in sizeable quantities again. A book or two a week, none to shout about. I normally wouldn’t buy books unless they are of certain authors or of certain matters, much like how I am with cds. I’ve been going to Walk-In Rent A Book. I’ve finished most of their books in their non-fiction section which is only two small shelves so I’ve had no choice but to move on to the Bestsellers. And Stella Oo does not read Bestsellers. Okay I do. Augusten Burroughs’ latest book is a bestseller and I HAVE to HAVE it. I realized today at the rate I’m reading, I could have bought his book. The rental for each book for members is approximately 5 ringgit. I’ve read almost a dozen books. But anyway, books I borrow and books I buy are like apples and pineapples. Entirely different except in erm spelling.

Although Rachel was back for two weeks and I saw her almost everyday, I can't help but feel its been months since I saw her and had a real conversation. And sometimes Mel seems so far away :( I miss them both.

On a brighter note I can't wait for Sunday to see Ellie try on her bridal gowns. Aran and Tyler wanted to kidnap Pelli for the day while the girls are at Picaso. But Pelli has to try on his suit too you know. So maybe we should make this a Technicolor Outing. Semangat!

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anomie said...

Watch Ellie try on her Dress and Perry try on his suit. Oh my.. I've not had that much fun since.. oh.. since ever.