Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Butterfly Effect.

Maybe the car crash was an alternate and sick form of a meteor shower. I should now qualify to be on the Wall of Weird. Such drastic changes don’t happen this way.
Back then someone told me “This punk and skate chapter you’re in, this rebellion, the refusal to be like the other kids, the radical stances, is all really just a phase you will outgrow.”
I was awfully defensive, even though I needn’t be at the time. My actions were deafening.

My mouth had a brackish film while I spat more glass splinters out of my mouth. Pain shot up my right leg, my right hand, and ricochets’, vibrating to all points over my scalp, like one of William Tell’s shot apples. I looked at my right hand and saw that it was wedged in between the steering wheel and foreign-looking metal parts which were
obviously out of place as I'd hit several trees sideways. I had no choice, I had to yank my hand out hard and fast. I felt my flesh rip a little. Crack, the glass hits my face and arms. But the evil of that madness which led to evil substances has eventually led me to some of the best things, or if I may be more honest, best alliances of my life.

Elle and Perry.
There are a few times in life where the relative merit of a friend skyrockets and in turn has me looking up to them in respect and esteem. Elle has shown me compassion without having me compromise anything that I am and I have grown to want to be more like she is as I mature a little every now and then. Perry has successfully proved to me that wit and intelligence is generally maintained by buoyancy. In his own way he has taught me resilience. It was one of those lessons that made perfect sense in some respects, but was completely bewildering in others. As far as seething melting pots of deference and love go, Elle and Perry are solid. I look up to them in so many ways and I can’t imagine how life would have turned if I had not met them. They may not have made direct modifications in my life, but the standards are set a little higher because seated close to them, hope is burning a little brighter. And through their friendship, another sort of "ship" came into view.

You know, the circumstances that brought him and me together could have been torn from the pages of a teen love book, somewhat typical. But the jolts of happiness in my bones and bounce in my steps got me thinking this isn’t conventional at all. In fact, I’m quite sure this is something very new to me and my heart skips along as the seconds pass.


ElleAshley said...

He is a dear friend & so are you… Seeing how things are moving towards such a good direction warms both our hearts. We hope that the both of you will have what we have & more…


UnkleBus said...

touché elle. seeing you happy at long last... a new chapter, a new beginning, the journey has begun and what more when you have someone to walk along with you. you got what you deserve, the best. i'm happy for you guys :)

Stella said...

thanks guys. i'm not sure if its really what i deserve but i'm definitely one lucky girl! i can only hope :)

joey.khor said...

i cant even blog because im still in that daze. shucks. gimme a couple of days to come back down to earth.

Ms M&C said...

Wahlaueh..im missing some Love story here...but then again..."love struck" - ahhhhh...no words can describe it. Im happie for ya!! i am i am!!weeee green turtle found star tortise...oh gosh, i'm not making sense am i....u noe me stel, i never make any sense.

Stella said...

actually dear, you make a lot of sense! you wanna know when you don't make sense? come look for me and i show you :P hahahah