Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ever since Pek San bought his Ipod I've been allowed entry into his playlists. I know every song that he has. With Rachel's I was a little more comfortable as half of our songs are usually the same but the other half vividly different. Her acoustics and my live rock. She has less of the hip hop which Pek San and I share.

Anyway it got around to me thinking about my own collection of music. I have always felt violated when someone opens my 'Bleach' CD cover and looked into the booklet and read what i've written in them over the years. The file which I'd cut out pictures and icons from CD covers to glue onto it like a collage.. I feel uncomfortable whenever any one as much as glance at it.

I guess its because my music is my secret indulgence, like a forbidden love. On the other hand it could be all the Mr.Goey's tuition classes I've skipped to use the money on CDs every fortnight in Victoria Music. So it could be, an indirect guilt trip o_O

'You bought a new bag of pot, said let's roast a new start and that's the way to my heart' -Spoon.


anomie said...

music is your secret indulgence I like that :)

Stella said...

no suprises there :P