Friday, November 25, 2005

Lean back, le- oops.

I'm pretty sure there will be many entries about the eventful night last night at Zouk, the raid at Ghetto Heaven. Mel and I were on our way to the ladies when I got a msg from Kong "Got rush, get out now." Then Mel turned over and said "I think there's gonna be a raid, all the younger kids are rushing out." But we were both skeptical so we kept walking and then I got another msg from Tyler "Sweets, raid before 2am, letting you know in case you've been naughty." In about 15 minutes, the lights were on and the music off. Shucks, clever la..dowan to listen.

I quickly took Mel's hand and led her upstairs to use the staff entrance to the office. To no avail: cops were at that exit. So we sat down and put the digital cam to good use. Got a msg from Terence "There are cops at the DJ conslose, shit! Stay calm! I mean it, stay calm." Sheesh what makes people think I won't be calm. I was as cool as ice. I got msgs throughout the night along the lines of "Throw anything you have away. Seriously, no joke." -_- Dowan.

Mel and I got fed up of waiting so we went up to the narcotics (woohoo narcotics wei not funny hehe) and volunteered to have our urine tested so that we could get out. So we happily got tested and walked out. Wah, its like a party I tell you. Jourdang came in his shirt and bermudas to "check the scene out". Ah Heng was munching on his hot dog watching people get pummeled on the ground for trying to escape. What a reunion. KOF was pissed off, they didn't get to "drop it like it's hot." And Terry, drunk as he was, sprouting nonsense at the top of his lungs. Didn't help that I was the designated driver of the night.
I was laughing all night thinking of what Mel told me about another raid. Michelle was telling her that there were transexuals asking the police "Bang bang, saya pergi mana bang!" when they asked the crowd to split into men and women. They were all jittery, looking left and right, not sure where they belong. HAHAHAHA. I'm gonna burn in hell for this one.
Apparently there was a girl handcuffed and locked in one of the toilet cubicles for drug abuse o_O yerr..

Ladida.. we'll "ganti ghetto" this saturday at The Loft@Zouk :D


Blinqué said...

lol! bang say pergi mana bang. lolz!

in velvet there was this group of dudes opened 2 bottles of Whiskey when the raid happened, then they walked up to the DBKL fellas and asked "aiyo..why raid raid..come lets drink"


laineylashes said...

raid = crazy. no more! *low growl* don't like..

Stella said...

jiawei: nyahaha i can imagine them bouncing off their heels :P my friends continue to drink, from the bottle since there weren't any ice. tsk, cavemen. so that makes me..a cavewoman :P

lainey: mel and i had fun with the digicam :P but yes, no raids on thursdays -_-