Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm tall. You're just taller than I am.

I'm trying to recall the past weeks. All I can gather are fragmented pieces of memories here and there and most of them seem to revolve around Zouk. I don't work there anymore, and that place is still a magnet *whoop whoop.

Although there was one Friday night where I wasn't on the dance floor, or anywhere near it, or anywhere where I could see it, at all. We were happily camping out in the DJ Room listening to Jason[DJ Fono] and I was bombarding Alvin[DJ Goldfish] with useful infomation (to me it is) on rock n' roll, heavy metal and punk because he asked, though he actually only asked a few I yakked away for more than half an hour. Then I moved on to annoying him with stupid questions which he answered while smothering giggles until..

[tripping]stel: eh eh then what inspired you to be a hip-hop dj?
*whips around, stares at me one kind
[sacarstic & sober]alvin: eh eh when did you become a journalist? whats this, an interview?
[tripping]stel: wahlau then dowan to ask lo! *sulks.

Elaine laughed. But I didn't appreciate it. They looked at each other and exchanged amused glances. I refuse to be treated like a kid.

Jie ar..I'm telling you, see I patiently layan you take all this crazy "kawaii (*shudders)" pictures all, you gotta try harder at bringing this bullying to a halt!

Like it isn't bad enough Terence[C] says "Kids nows-a-days..*sigh" every single time he sees me. He'll say it a few times on repeat some more, staring me down -_-

:: Look at this picture and tell me who's the kid.

After Zouk we went to Leonard[T]'s condo to chill and as usual, he wanted to take photos. Okay, take. But when he played it back he looked at it and said "Wah! Why is your head so small?? My head looks so big next to yours wei!" -_- Ever since then, every time we take pictures he'll "Ah your head gotta move forward a bit then both our heads will turn out the same size" o_O Really one, something wrong. Elaine again happily laugh along, whatever happened to sisterhood and all that huh you tell me?

Eve, Tyler, Elle, Perry, Jia Wei, Gerald and I were standing on the dinky-teeny 2-flight stair at the dance floor for John Digweed when a cam was whipped out and lo and behold, the unleashing of the camwhores. But someone quite "potong stim" lo. Cause to be able to capture an image with everyone's face in it (mine included), there are 3 options.
1. The photographer has to back up an extra 3 feet (at least) and so packed, where got space.
2. Everyone else but me, bend lower. But then they look ridiculous and vice versa.
3. I stand on the top stair and everyone else on the floor. (Thanks Jia Wei)


That's with with a 12-inch advantage okay. Stupid 6 footers.

Eve happily jumped on the "Stel-is-short-embarrass-her-with-photographic-evidence!" bandwagon.

Jason[DJ Fono] makes funny faces with/at me sometimes. That's okay. But pinching my cheeks isn't.

*Tada!* Hoe Yin[DJ Blink] I like. Cause we almost same height :P Nyahaha. Until, he said he sometimes feel like he's hanging out with his sister's crew (Hoe Yee) when I'm around. Just cause we used to make a lot of noise in the house and do..stupid..kiddy..things -_-

It's times like this I really miss the PD Rave where its:

Equal opportunity.

Mel&Jamie[The Twins] are the best!


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kinkybluefairy said...

Nice meeting you too :)

laineylashes said... i miss him? yes i do :o(

Stella said...

thefairy: :D

lainejie: i know.. *grins.

kimfluttersby said...

i miss u all.. i'm the only one stuck here now. :( soon soon, wait for me k? don't forget abt me.. :)

Blinqué said...


what red faced nut!


Stella said...

kimmyyy we're all waiting for you. never the same without you!

jia wei: :P it was on impulse i swear!

jinxed said...

thanx for making me feel worse than i already am bout my height!! -_-

jinxed said...

thanx for making me feel worse than i already am bout my height!! -_-

Stella said...

mel: but but..its a good thing!! we need to relive PD!