Saturday, November 03, 2007


Had bad bad gastric the past couple of days. I've had gastric pains many times but this time the pain aws ten-fold and I almost wished I was dead. Was rushed to the hospital and had 11 needles poked into me but in the end the doctor couldnt help because I didn't want to be admitted. Ham nursed me back to health so I'm better now and can actually face the computer screen. Spent 3 days in a fetal position not even having the energy to get up and pee.

Since the events of late has not been pleasant for me, I shall fish out old photos from other ppl's cameras. Here's one of the other times we went up to Genting.

Our friends Khai Lik and his girlfriend Angel came down to visit so as per usual he has to try his luck at the Casino and the rest went up for the uh nice weather.
Joanna and I in the elevator.
Ham looks damn funny here. Wtf happened to his hair! That's our friend Khai.

That's right! Converse! This is Hafiz, Ham's closest friend.

This is Paul, we picked him up from the street side and he has proved himself very useful. I won't say for what :D
Jo and I.
Awang, Hafiz, Khai, Ham, Paul.
Yaty, Me, Jo.
O well, boring shit. Bye.


Anonymous said...

stella love,
dinner on sunday maybe? i'll give you a ring
and small world, i did a photoshoot with paul this week x)

- kimberly

Stella said...


yeah please call me! a late lunch would be better. dinner is saved for my dad and i!

Kimbly said...

ok so we failed - im down with a really bad flu
will call you when im less contagious