Friday, November 02, 2007

Day Trip

I only have a few pictures of Global Gathering. I feel like I missed the whole thing because I didnt get to meet up with the Technicolors. Was supposed to be sent to their bungalow before the rave but things popped up and Ham got sick and the whole thing was just a failure to me :(

A couple of days before the rave Ham was working on the Coke Zero shoot in Genting. He was there for a couple of days so Nigel took me up one of the days. Khai came with us so that he can gamble and win 3k only to lose it back later hah.

I went to Starbucks cause I wanted to use their wireless but their server was down. My new laptop looks nice huh!! That's Nigel by the way. Ham's part-time housemate. They are a lot like brothers because well because they basically do everything together when he's living with Ham. Ham nags him a lot too sigh. He's coming by to have his sleepovers with Ham again HAHA.

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