Saturday, February 03, 2007

Winner and Champion once again.

We played monopoly again tonight.

On Wednesday Ham, Fye, Art, Ray and I played at Mc Ds. Ham won the first round with 10k.
I won the 2nd round with 6 while Rachel had to give me everything she had. I owned her ass!

Just now the 6 of us played. It wasn't planned but suddenly it was stoners against non-stoners. Pek San, Mun Fye and I were damn suay. I had 3 properties, Pek San had 2 and Fye had none while Rachel Melanie and Arthur had at least 6 each. After a while it seems the rich was getting richer and the poor another fate. We kept having to pay those 3 for landing on their properties.

Mun Fye sat there collecting cash from passing Go, adding it to what he already had seeing as he didnt get to buy a single thing. Pek San had 2 train stations and Oxford Street. I had my eye on the row of Yellows and Pek San had Piccadilly and Arthur had Conventry Street. After getting those off them, the non-stoners began to trade/argue. Mel had like 10 properties I don't know she kept buying and buying and had a small stack of property cards in her hand. Naturally, the stoners didn't want the chemist to win. She was being damnnn stingy while trading with Arthur who was getting red in the face from the excitement and the anger of Rachel not wanting to trade with him. Before, he had 7 properties, all different colors until I gave him my 2 properties for Conventry Street. So at this point I had all three Yellows and nothing else. The stoners are still on the losing end. Fye still had nothing and Pek San had his train stations plus Oxford Street. I kept losing money cause I keep landing on Income Tax and went to jail 3 times.

The non-stoners weren't afraid of me building cause it was obvious I didn't have much cash.

So Mun Fye came up with the "Triangular Trade". While the non-stoners were bickering, little did they know that the stoners had formed an alliance. Fye got Pek San to sell me his Frenchchurch station for 100, we told him to trust us that he will get it back. Knowing that I needed the money Fye said loudly "Eh La, you wanna sell me that station for 2500?" And I did. He said "I don't care if I lose, a stoner is gonna win!"

I started building hotels on the Yellow while the other non-stoners all had hotels up too. Pek San just could not land on his Green to build so when he lost the next thousand to me he gave me all his Greens (hehe) and I built hotels there. My were they popular!

From then on..somehow..I had hotels on the Brown, Yellow and Green. Everyone lost everything to me. I'm a winner, all stoners please rejoice. But since Fye bankrupt first we called him God of the Game.


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